Anime Watch

Here is probably the list of my would-watch anime:

(I think it’s in order, hehe..)

1. Hatenkou Yuugi [series finished]

2. They Are My Noble Masters [is it done?]

3. Kimikiss Pure Rouge [series finished]

4. Tower of Druaga [still starting]

Well, looking forward in watching all of these. Any suggestions with almost the same genre as the series mentioned above or before is highly appreciated.^^


3 thoughts on “Anime Watch

  1. I like your blog it’s very nice. Keep up the good work.
    I will be checking back to your blog periodically.

    PS: Check out a great Naruto site that I’m a part of that has Naruto Shippuden and Naruto Episodes when you get a chance too!

  2. O sure thanks, although I’m not much of a Naruto fan haha. I’ll be updating this when I get to watch the first few episodes of Hatenkou Yuugi, which will be a week and a half from now. Which is quite long. Sorry for that.

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