H2O: ~Footprints in the Sand~ Ep.4

Okay, yesterday I started watching H2O: ~Footprints in the Sand~ and yes, it is a good anime to watch, especially the plot coming along, the early conflict and “love triangle” among the characters, some WTF scenes, and a really nervous and critical episode endings which makes you want to watch the next episode right away. ^^, It’s somehow the same with the strategy of Clannad but however, H2O has a hidden history behind it and some more unnatural events.

Anyway, some of the highlights from episode 4, which is the most recent episode I just watched at the time:

Oh no, Hinata forcefully grabbed Hirose into hugging and then kissing just before the suspension bridge right in front of Hayami. You bastard!

Nothing like a nice trip to the beach – with Hamaji’s little sister, which is not included in the picture.

How about a game of exchange-those-stick-with-a-handcrafted-one-with-a-real-blade-inside-to-whack-Hirose game. How’s that?

And how Hayami can still remember that day when Hirose visited her. How sweet.^^,

Oh, Otaha’s in the fray too. The so-called wind spirit that helps Hirose out. Hmmm, you’d better not rub those body of yours to Hirose that hard. He’s about to explode!!!

Oh no, Yuki is drowning, and Hirose, who is not able to swim, saved her? Eventually, Hirose will not reach the rock he is grasping for.. not until the group helped.

CPR by Hamaji. Need I say more? ^^,

Okay, this is the WTF scene I was talking about earlier. HAMAJI IS A GUY? SHE IS A HE? THE ROSE TURNED THORN? This is too amusing to be true. But heck, this is the world of anime – full of mind splitting surprises. That’s why it’s really fun watching them^^

How gorgeous is that? Hayami eventually followed them to the beach, and Hirose found her. Then, guess what, Hinata found them too! Episode closed. What a clash!^^

Favorite Quote from the Episode [from Hayami]:

Why is it when you’re alone in painful times, it feels like your heart is splitting open?


3 thoughts on “H2O: ~Footprints in the Sand~ Ep.4

  1. Why is it when you’re alone in painful times, it feels like “i’m melting..”

  2. hmm? still can’t forget that melted cheese huh? haha.

  3. beatiful is kohinata

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