Bring some tears to your eyes

Clannad and the Main Characters

How this face clearly turns into…

This sweet and adorable one…

The anime Clannad, produced by Key, the one who also produced the anime hits Air and Kanon has brought up yet another romantic, harem, and very funny anime series Clannad. Centered by the characters Okazaki and Nagisa, whose lives are almost different at every part, tries to help each other in their lives – well I don’t want to expand this much. But according to what I have watched, which is just from Ep 1 to 9 only, they will meet a new character who will REALLY change their lives. And these changes will CERTAINLY, as in CERTAINLY bring tears to that rock eyes of yours. I’ve never cried this much from an anime so to those who wants an emotional breakdown, lol, do this instructions:

1. Wait until it gets dark [e.g. evening]

2. Close the lights, turn on the fan or your air-con.

3. Open your TV’s and DVD’s if you have the copy or open those desktops or laptops if you’re gonna watch the net.

4. Have your hankies ready.

5. Don’t mind any aspect of your life first. Understand the story.

6. Watch the series, even up to Episode 9 only ALONE. This will bring sentiment to the highest level. XD

7. Enjoy!^^


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