A More Personal Sneak

1. What time is it?


2. Name as it appears on the birth certificate?

>Sherico Paulo Dizon dela Cruz

3. Nickname(s)?

>She. <– e as in basket.

4. Number of candles on your last birthday cake?

>Hmm. I think there were 2.

5. Pets?

>Yeah! I have two cats, Snowbell and the other one which I don’t name. Snowbell is the cutest white furball ever! Haha

6. Hair color?

>Black. As simple as that.

7. Piercing?

>If you’re talking about ear piercing, no I don’t have ’em and I DONT PLAN ON HAVING ONE.

8. Eye color?

>Everyone else says my eyes are somewhat brown. Can’t see them myself though XD.

9. How much do you love your job?

>As a student? How I wish I’m graduating already…

10. Hometown?

>Let’s see. In my first 6 years I lived in Bataan, then on the next 11, in Muntinlupa City, and now, I’m living in a dormitory in Quezon City for 2 years now.

11. Current residence?

>As I’ve said, I live in a dorm in QC. But I also go home during weekends.

12. Favorite food(s)?

>Ahhh now that’s a good question! Caldereta, any delicacy with chicken as long as its maximum spice level is at mild only, adobo, nilaga, kare-kare, tinola, sinigang…. Especially when they’re made by my mom or my aunts.

For snacks, I’ll take Kornets, Piattos, noodles, siomai every single time. ^^

13. Been to Africa?

>Of all the places in this planet, why would you ask this question? Africa? NO! I don’t even think I’ve though about that.

14. Been toilet papering?

>Errr, can somebody explain what exactly is toilet papering? XD

15. Loved somebody so much it made you cry?

>As corny as it may seem, YES! A lot… But not quite now. I’m living in a peaceful and worry-free environment already. I’ve been through those days and I must say those were the moments you’ll never forget and will forever treasure!^^ (Naks grabe! Anong kalokohan yan! Hahahaha. Lol XD )

16. Been in a car accident?

>Well yeah. Slight car accident only. No one got hurt badly.

17. Croutons or Bacon bits?

>Say, what are croutons? In this case, I’ll go with bacons. A bit crispy please, thanks! ^^

18. Favorite day of the week?

>Friday and Saturday. What else? I’m a student of course!

19. Favorite phrase?

>I don’t think I’ll ever have to like a phrase that’s so significant that I’d respond when somebody asks, “What is your favorite phrase?” >:)

20. Favorite restaurant?

>Max’s, Gerry’s, . . . I don’t eat much on restaurants. I’m running really low on cash everytime. ='(

21. Favorite flower?

>Chrysanthemum, Orchids, and others I-don’t-know-the-names-but-am-familiar-with-the-appearance.^^

22. Favorite drink?

>Aside from water, Royal and Sprite.

23. Favorite sport to watch?

>NBA, MLB, UEFA, FIFA, tennis, badminton, a little golf, a little volleyball. Just a few eh?

24. Favorite ice cream?

>Oh, I have lots of favorite. Chocolate, choco, chocolate, umm.. Oh, and chocolate, and choco too! Yumm! 🙂

25. Disney or Warner Bros.?

>Warner Bros. Sylvester FTW! 🙂

26. Favorite Fast Food Restaurant?

>CHOWKING! Daming choices, affordable! Hahahaha. ^^

27. How many times did you fail your driver’s test?

>I just turned 18 last year and I have taken one yet. Could you ask me this question again a bit later? Thanks. [And I don’t think I’ll fail this one… rofl] 🙂

28. Whom did you get your last e-mail from?

>From my batchmates in high school. It’s a group mail with some announcements in it. Now why would you ask that? You want to be the sender of the last mail I received? Go ahead! ^^

29. Do you sing in the shower?

>Oh yes. I think everyone else does in some point of their lives. I love to sing!!!!

30. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?

>Considering I don’t have a credit card, this question is not yet applicable to me! Hahahaha. ^^

31. What do you do most when you are bored?

>Play computer games, hang out with friends, eat, communicate with others through the growing technological advancements in handy gadgets that let’s you send private messages or even call someone (otherwise known as cellphone).

32. Most annoying thing people ask?

>“Hala bakit ka absent? May ginawa…” Makes me regret my absence all the time. Geeez!

33. Bedtime?

>Yes? I’ll go to bed anytime I want.

34. Who would respond to this the quickest?

>Well, whoever might have read this first naturally.

35. Who could be the least person to likely respond?

>If I were time itself, I could’ve answered this question.

36. Favorite TV show?

>Music station, anime I just watched and planning to watch, NBA shows… Loved anime -> Fate/Stay Night and Busou Renkin. 2 Best Anime EVER! EVER I TELL YOU! EVERRRR!!!!!! 🙂

37. Last person you went out to dinner with?

>My friends here in QC. How gay! Hahahahaha. LOL! :))

38. Favorite singer?

>Ah, I thought you’d never ask. Jyukai (which is the main reason I created this blog), Robbie Williams, Avril Lavigne, Coldplay, and Yellowcard.

39. Favorite song?

>Almost all songs, known and unknown to mankind, by the artists mentioned in the previous question.^^

40. Time you finished?



2 thoughts on “A More Personal Sneak

  1. question no.35…ROFL =))

  2. hahaha lol. XD. I don’t even know who would glance at this! Haha. Would like to answer the same questions too?

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