A Blazing Weekend It Was!

Last March 1, Saturday, we went to one of our friend’s house so we could celebrate his birthday. He said there would be food, love, friendship, and all those great activities (haha!. love and friendship lol). So first, we met high school mates and I’m so surprised to know that they were all like us – in a sense that we laugh and joke for, like about 30 seconds! They friends was so so funny hahahahaha! What a laugh we all had for every moment we had!

Then we played basketball in their backyard, played Guitar Hero II and Tekken 5, although I really didn’t participate much. We ate a lot from time to time and we even had some music sessions with a piano, a guitar, a beat box, and some voice overs haha.

Then, a very embarrassing moment happened. I took a shot one time at the court but I never realized that someone was holding plates and glass cups beside the court and as soon as the ball rebounded from the ring, it hit the glasses and then WHAM! A total of three glasses broke, shattered, pounded, grinded, ashed, dispersed, lost, dismembered. . . . . . I felt really embarrassed and I kept on saying “sorry na po talga di ko sinasadya”… and the likes… It was my first time being there and immediately I made a really great impression! What a loser! Hours later, we played some basketball again and if my pass missed my teammate, it would hit the already  broke, shattered, pounded, grinded, ashed, dispersed, lost, dismembered glasses – three times! I’m like a glass magnet. Sheesh!

But anyway, it was all fun, to meet new friends we could play with, basketball, DotA, friendship (lol hahahahaha), planktons, PSP’s, mesozoic eras, Charantiyas, muscles and strengths, you need not reminds, team chemistry’s, and all those other laughters hahaha.

Certainly hope something like this will happen again. And certainly without the broke, shattered, pounded, grinded, ashed, dispersed, lost, dismembered glasses. ><


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