Nice pictures of Manami Watanabe 渡辺 愛未


now aren’t she beautiful… haaaaaaaaaay… how i wish i can really meet her in person…. XD.. i wish…..


10 thoughts on “Nice pictures of Manami Watanabe 渡辺 愛未

  1. This might be of interest to you if you’re a fan of the Anime Fate/stay night…

    The lady on the far left in the 1st photo and left in the 2nd photo next to Manami-chan is Tainaka Sachi, the singer who performed the openings of Fate/stay night “disillusion” and “Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni”. She also performed themes for a number of other Anime.

  2. oh yes, of course, sachi tainaka.. How can i ever forget her Disillusion, Aitaiyo, Kimi to no Ashita, and the high-toned Saikou no Kataomoi, though i haven’t really finished that yet in the piano haha. Thanks again for your translations. ^^
    oh, and yes, I’m a huge fan of F/S Night. ^^ **

  3. Waaaaa Minami there she beautiful!
    I know F/S Night but I’m a fans of her not because of that anime…Her voice is so different I like it!..
    I can even stand listening to her song for a whole day >..< I’m so looking forward to it!

  4. Yay! I finally came across with another Jyukai fan! ^^, Their songs are really way too beautiful to be forgotten within a year. Really inspiring and totally melodic, soothing, eternal, heart-touching, soulful.. If you like some info about them, don’t hesitate to ask me.. ^^

  5. I agree!! I went to their concert at AX 08… wow. It was just too amazinggg. I was like going to cry XD it touches the hearttt the way she sings~

  6. wah really cool.. i want also to be there someday, somehow.. T_T.. i absolutely adore their songs…. >.< wish i had the same experience…

  7. I love the bottom most picture!! It’s so cuteeee. Manami >_<;; (William btw.)

  8. Yeah, like a child at heart. Kawaii. ^^, Haha. How I wish I could see her personally someday and say that I’m a big, big fan of them ever since their debut. ^^,

  9. Hey, have they released a new album? o.O
    The last one ish Harvest right? aww..I wanna hear their new songs

  10. Yeah, the last one is still Harvest. Apparently, they haven’t released one yet but I’m sure, not very far from now, they will release a new single since they have been so inspired in their concert at the Anime Expo in California ( read my post about their interview n_n ).
    I’m highly anticipating their next single(s). I’ll let you know if there is any rumor or detail about their next single. n_n

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