blog update from the last two weeks or so.. ^^,

dec 21

i finally went back home from the dorm to welcome the vacation but alas.. nothing comes easy.. i got stranded from a damn 4 hour traffic just from cubao to muntinlupa! OMG! its really really frustrating…

dec 22

weeeee.. we had a reunion xmas party at our friend’s house and boy was I glad to see all of my high school mates again.. sadly, i had to go home really early because me and my family will travel on the same day back to bataan..

moments later, weeeeee, we finally arrived at bataan. ^^, i love it here.. so peaceful and serene.. =)

dec 23

still working on Rain and Storm from .hack.. one page finished

dec 24

we attended the mass at 10pm and when Christmas came, we ate our noche buena and boy I was so stuffed haha.. i greeted 31 of my friends but only 13 texted back! the nerve of those people! it’s the holidays sheesh!

dec 25

probably the most inactive Christmas of my life. I just stayed home and I even slept at around 1pm. haha

dec 27

holy crap my save file in Pokemon Emerald has been overwritten. Ill have to start all over again demmet!

jan 1

one of the quietest new years ever.. not much noise..

jan 3

omg i got sick again due to extreme low temperatures and strong winds seaside in Sta. Rosa, Laguna… ><


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