why i hate physics…


Imagine this problem given to us, who are not even physics majors and the professor even told us that it wasn’t even a difficult problem. Sheeesh!

>> A cylindrical block of length l and of mass m is placed in a ramp of angle theta. A magnetic field B is applied on the ramp with the upward direction. The cylinder has 10 loops of wires surrounding it. Question: How much current i should be applied to the wires so that the cylindrical block will not slide down or roll?

Wow.. O.o How’s that for a question? After that, we were given an even more difficult question that is so difficult that I can’t even type it here coz it really sucks.. Gosh, even the teacher has some, let’s say, personal cruel intentions to us for a known obvious reason…

Well anyway, if I get a job in the near future, I’ll make sure it doesn’t have anything to do with Physics nor will I ever talk about it again. If I pass this course, then we have no more physics for the rest of the way.. which is a real good news for me… Whew, what a day!  I don’t know what’s ahead for us in this subject matter. All I can say is… GGness! Ouch!


2 thoughts on “why i hate physics…

  1. you want the magnetic force to be equal to the gravitational force or something.

  2. As a kid I was a victim of Physics too and even now when i am closing on 40 yrs i get nightmares that i have Physics board exams and i am chalking out my study plan right there in my dream. Recently i was looking for top 10 Tv series to watch on youtube because i was bored of watching movies. I came across “Through the wormhole”. I was not able to get much out of it after watching that show for sometime. But wait, I asked myself what are they really talking about and it turned out to be Quantum Physics. No wonder why I was having OHT- Over the head transmission. So i just searched “Quantum Physics for kids” on Youtube and watched some of the vidoes. There I go, now i can confidentily speak something sensible about Quantum physics. The reason why we hate physics is beacuse it wasn’t explained to us in simple terms while we were kids. Our basics weren’t right. But we can do it for ourselves now by going back and revisiting our problem areas. No shame in watching kid shows, after all we are just big kids. You may want to read my blog “Do Kids actually hate Physics” at https://hatephysics.wordpress.com/ and watch vidoes on lemon generating electricity, salt water generating ELECTRICITY, story behind the mystery. This was so simple.
    Believe me, physics explains our existence and it won’t huant you when you have grown up and got a job. Thanks for reading, Satya

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